“The probability of life originating at random is so utterly minuscule as to make it absurd.”

Sir Fred Hoyle

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In 2002, Illustra Media released Unlocking the Mystery of Life. This remarkable documentary challenged the paradigm of scientific materialism and the belief that life is nothing more than the product of blind, undirected processes.

Unlocking’s influence was global, reaching millions of people. Now, its impact continues through the film’s long-awaited sequel, ORIGIN: Design, Chance and the First Life on Earth.

With spectacular computer animation and cutting-edge research, ORIGIN examines a question that has baffled science for centuries: How did life on Earth begin? Today, most researchers insist it arose through simple chemistry that—without direction of plan--transformed inanimate matter into the first living cell. Yet, this explanation is devoid of evidence and unsatisfying, even to its most ardent supporters.

As ORIGIN exposes the flaws of materialistic theories, you’ll travel through a molecular universe to encounter extraordinary biological engineering fundamental to the survival of every organism that has ever existed. Engineering that points clearly to intelligence and mind.

Ultimately, ORIGIN transcends science to probe the deepest mysteries of the human experience: where did we come from and why are we here?

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